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Ketchup robot is more hilarious than effective

(CBS) - Here at The Feed, we try to keep close tabs on the state of modern robotics. It's partially because we love cool technology, but it's mainly because, when the inevitable Robot Apocalypse comes to pass, we'll be prepared.

With that in mind, it's nice to see a video like this: a video that shows that not all robots are soulless, calculating killing machines. Some robots are just lovable losers!

Behold, the Heinz Automato!

What's that? The Future called. They said in the Future these automatic condiment tanks are on every table and have taken over ketchup duties from humanity.

Wait, no scratch that. They said these robots aren't used anywhere by anyone. Because the Heinz Automato is a very silly invention. Sorry, robots. We win this round.

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