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Should ketchup be refrigerated? Heinz weighs in, triggering a social media food fight

Do you store your ketchup in the refrigerator or the cupboard? Whenever that question is posed, there's bound to be vigorous debate. 

Some bold celebrities have offered their opinions publicly. Rapper Cardi B once tweeted, "People who put their ketchup in the fridge are not to be trusted." In an 2018 interview conducted by the dating app Tinder, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez swiped left on a profile because the bio read, "If you store ketchup in the refrigerator, it's not going to work out." She immediately said, "Bye, bye, him." 

But now Heinz has weighed in. In a tweet posted Tuesday, the brand's UK account tried to settle the debate once and for all: " FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. fridge!!!" 

The tweet started a social media food fight: some users felt vindicated, while others expressed strong disagreement. But the brand doubled down with a follow-up Twitter poll. "Where do you keep yours? It has to be… in the fridge!" Heinz posted. (On Wednesday afternoon, the poll showed 54.5% for keeping it in the fridge, versus 45.5% for the cupboard).

One user replied, "Heinz don't even know where their product should be stored." Heinz replied simply with, "The fridge." 

"There was only ever one correct answer, and we're happy to share with Heinz Tomato Ketchup lovers across the UK that our ketchup has to be in the fridge," a Heinz representative told the Daily Mail. 

Heinz has said that ketchup has natural acidity, which makes it shelf-stable. But the ketchup labels suggest "refrigeration after opening." 

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