Kenya IDs 2nd mall attacker as ex-Somali refugee

Nairobi Security officials in Kenya say a Westgate Mall attacker once lived in a refugee camp in northwestern Kenya that houses more than 54,000 Somali refugees.

Video shows initial terror of Kenya mall attack

Two officials said a Westgate attacker named Mohammed Abdinur Said once lived in the Kakuma refugee camp. The officials insisted on anonymity to share information not yet made public.

He is the second to be identified as one of perpetrators of the deadly terror attack that killed 67 people last September, following the identification of a Norwegian man of Somali origins.

Raouf Mazou, the head of UNHCR in Kenya, said Monday that UNHCR has been cooperating with the Kenyan government on the Westgate investigation but that he wasn't familiar with the name Said.

The information comes as a new agreement was signed Sunday to encourage the nearly half million Somalis inside refugee camps in Kenya to return home. A top Kenyan official, Mutea Iringo, said insecurity is one reason Kenya wants refugees to return.

Last week 4 Somalis were detained by authorities in Kenya, charged with offenses related to aiding the terrorists responsible for the attack. Dozens of people have been detained so far.