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Kentucky man's video goes viral after he uses Walmart intercom to ask for help

Forrest Hunter was shopping at a Walmart in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and need assistance. After getting tired of waiting for an employee, Hunter decided to take matters into his own hands. He picked up a phone on the counter in the sporting goods section, which was connected to the store's intercom, and simply asked for help. 

"Customer needs assistance in sporting goods please," Hunter said. "I'm the customer," he added at the end, for good measure. 

Hunter, who was in the sporting goods department trying to buy a hunting license, says the intercom trick worked and he shortly got help.

When you get sick of waiting on somebody at Walmart 😂😂😂 feel free to keep sharing 😂😂 (For licensing and usage, contact:

Posted by Forrest Hunter on Friday, April 20, 2018

"A guy walked up and asked if I️ needed any help. I️ said, 'How'd you know?' Then I️ bought my hunting license," Hunter told CBS affiliate WKYT.

Hunter said the Walmart associate was a little embarrassed when he came over, but he did not get in trouble for using the store's intercom. 

What seemed like a silly tactic to get help at a busy store ended up going viral. Becca Robinson, Hunter's partner, filmed him taking over the intercom for a few short seconds. Hunter posted the video to Facebook on April 20. A week later, the video had more than 3.3 million views and about 58,000 shares.

Hunter says he didn't realize the video struck a chord until Monday. By that time, it had been shared more than 32,000 times. A few days later, and the internet still cannot get enough of Hunter's Walmart antics. 

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