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Kentucky co-workers hit jackpot on scratch-off ticket during lunch break

Two co-workers in Kentucky cashed in on a big surprise during their lunch break, the state lottery announced Tuesday.

Tyesha Trice and Dylan Mitchell, who work together as cashiers at a Valu Market in Louisville, decided to purchase two scratch-off tickets during a lunch break.

After finding success with the first scratch-off, which won them $100 on a $30 ticket, the pair decided to press their luck and buy a $50 500x ticket.

"We were excited about the first win," the co-workers said in a press release. "We even did a little fist bump."

And fortunately for them, they hit the jackpot this time.

After scratching off the very first spot, they discovered a $500 prize. As they kept on scratching, Trice and Mitchell started to see a lot more headed their way.

"I saw the second one and thought I was going to pass out," Trice said.

When the pair was done scratching off all the spots, they realized they had won a total of $50,000. Split between the pair, they ended up with $17,875 each after taxes.

"I'll never forget it," Mitchell said, who was also celebrating his birthday the day they claimed the prize.

Mitchell said he plans to get a car and find housing with his new winnings, while Trice said she'll put her new money towards rent and savings.

Valu Market is also getting a small reward for selling the winning ticket — $500.

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