"Kendra Exposed": Kendra Wilkinson Gets "Trashy" (Video)

Kendra spoofed: A mock Hank Baskett and faux Kendra Wilkinson.
Kendra spoofed: A faux Kendra Wilkinson. (YouTube)

NEW YORK (CBS) Multiple E! reality star turned multiple sex tape star Kendra Wilkinson can laugh at herself, too. Especially when it involves garbage bags and YouTube.

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A hilarious spoof of the 24-year-old's E! show "Kendra" is being promoted by Wilkinson herself who links to the 5-minute, 23-second "G-rated" romp on her official site -- already viewed more than 100,000 times in a little over a month.

Sex tape solicitors: you've gotta agree that's good business.

The clip shows Kendra (played by up-and-coming recording artist Lisa Lavie) and her Philly Eagles husband Hank Baskett (played by Obama-spoofing Iman Crosson a.k.a. Alphacat). The fake Hank plays video games while faux Kendra slips into what she thinks is a "sauna suit" which really is an un-sexy heap of trash bags. She then forces her hubby to partake in an impromptu private show on a bedroom stripper pole in said heap.

The female actor even mocks Kendra's "unique" (to say the least) laugh.

"THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY!!!!" exclaims Kendra of the video at her official site.

At Celebrity Circuit, we think you might agree.

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