Kelsey Grammer on Broadway Role, "Amazing Experience"

I've always loved Kelsey Grammer, from the time I did a guest appearance on "Cheers" (most of which sadly, ended up on the cutting room floor) to the many interviews I did with him about "Frasier," which was one of the smartest shows on TV.

He was also one of the first stars to volunteer to be a part of a major colon cancer fundraiser I organized a few years ago. 

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A number of people performed songs from "West Side Story." From Whoopi Goldberg and Heather Hadley's version of "I feel pretty," Beyonce's gorgeous "Somewhere," to Josh Grobin's stirring "Maria" - it was a spectacular night. Kelsey, who was trained at Juilliard, started things off with a pulsing, impassioned rendition of "Something's Coming."

He's a fascinating person. His political views are not in sync with most of Hollywood, his resilience in the face of a number of personal tragedies is inspirational. Now he's up for Tony for his moving, nuanced, and yes, very sweet performance in "La Cage Au Folles," which I saw and adored.

When he said he was willing to come in for a chat, I was thrilled. Delightful sounds like such a pretentious word, but he really is. And substantive. I hope you'll agree!