Kelly Clarkson's Cigarette Sponsorship Pulled

By Sarah Fitzpatrick of the CBS News Investigative Unit

In the wake ofoutcry from fans and anti-tobacco groups, Kelly Clarkson's upcoming concert in Indonesia will no longer be sponsored by cigarette company L.A. Lights.

Promoter Adrie Subono told The Associated Press on Thursday that his company Java Musikindo had reached a "final agreement" with the cigarette company Djarum, the maker of L.A. Lights, and the sponsorship for the April 29th concert had been canceled.

"There will be no (L.A. Lights) media promotion at the Kelly Clarkson concert," Subono told The Associated Press. He said that there would be would take one or two days to remove all the billboards and pull other advertisements.

"We are pleased that Ms. Clarkson and her promoters have done the right thing" said Matthew L. Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, one of several anti-tobacco groups that had opposed the sponsorship. "The public outcry sends a powerful message to all entertainers that they should not be involved in marketing tobacco products" he said.

In recent days, fans have deluged Clarkson's Facebook fan page with postings urging her to renounce the sponsorship and sent more than 1,300 e-mails to Clarkson's management.

Clarkson had previously indicated on her blog that nothing could be done about the controversial sponsorship, and that she would not cancel the concert despite the public pressure. "I refuse to cancel on my fans" she wrote in a post on Wednesday titled 'Jakarta Mishap'.

The blog had not been updated as of Thursday.