Kelly Clarkson hits back at body-shamer on Twitter

They were enough to convince Ed Sheeran to leave Twitter, but Kelly Clarkson doesn't suffer internet trolls. 

On the 4th of July, the "American Idol" alum was looking to show some appreciation for the men and women in the U.S. military, tweeting a heartfelt, "Thank u 2 every person in service 4 protecting all of us and cheers to every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence."

One Twitter user decided that would be the ideal moment to take issue with Clarkson's weight, replying with a simple, "You're fat." 

Not one to be intimidated, Clarkson retweeted the message -- with a special addendum all her own. "And still f**king awesome," she added, along with a winking, tongue-out emoji. 

Her fans were tickled, flooding her timeline with praise.