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Keith Urban on how he makes marriage with Nicole Kidman work

It's been a tough summer for celebrity marriages. From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, there have been so many star splits, some have taken to calling this the summer of celebrity heartbreak.

But don't expect to see Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to call it quits anytime soon. The couple, who got married nine years ago, have a plan for making their marriage work.

"It's our priority, you know?" Urban told ET at auditions for the coming season of "American Idol." "It's what we love to do more than anything in the world."

Despite being busy gearing up for the new season -- and Kidman's celebrated career taking her all around the world -- they always manage to put each other first.

While their marriage is going strong, one thing that is coming to an end is "Idol." After 15 seasons, Fox's groundbreaking singing competition is coming to an end. However, according to Urban, the show is still going to keep its focus clear.

"We want to find the best. We want to find the most compelling, the most interesting, the most original," Keith, whose been an "Idol" judge since 2012, explained. "That's what I'm looking for -- the originality."

To "Idol's" credit, the show has lasted much longer than many Hollywood marriages. For more on the summer of celebrity heartbreak, check out the video below.

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