Keeping up with NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus is the fast-talking, fast-texting inspiration for the film "Jerry Maguire." This week on Overtime, watch as our 60 Minutes team tries to keep up with this NFL super agent.

He's the fast-talking, fast-texting man behind the scenes, the NFL super-agent who makes the deals and, he says, keeps the sport alive and thriving. And he does it all at a very fast pace.

His name is Drew Rosenhaus, and as you'll see on Overtime this week, even 60 Minutes producer Nicole Young -- herself a high-energy person capable of texting, talking, and walking at the same time -- struggled to keep up with him. "The man was moving 1,000 miles an hour every second of every day," Nicole says.

Nicole wasn't the only one sprinting to keep up with Rosenhaus as they followed him for months while reporting this week's 60 Minute's segment, "The Player."

Our camera crew -- laden down with all their heavy equipment -- also had to move fast to keep pace with Rosenhaus as he moved around, making deals and courting clients. As you'll see in our Overtime piece, the soundman at one point stumbled while trying to race up an escalator to keep up. Watch carefully to see whether Drew was concerned or even slowed his pace when he heard the crashing sound behind him.

If Rosenhaus's feet move fast, his fingers might move even faster. Even while driving -- as you'll see in Scott Pelley's 60 Minutes profile -- Rosenhaus has at least two phones going at all times, keeping in touch with his more than 100 clients, the team owners, and all the other players in this multi-billion-dollar world.

To see just how attached Rosenhaus is to texting, Overtime producer David Rubin asked Nicole to send Drew a message during our interview. How long do you think it took the top agent in the NFL to get back to her?