Keeping The Faith

You may have noticed the absence of this blog's editor Greg Kandra from Couric and Co. the last couple days. That's because he's taking a little vacation as he adjusts to life as a Catholic deacon. Greg was ordained this Saturday. I was lucky enough be present this Sunday to hear him deliver a wonderful and eloquent homily. Congratulations, Greg.

In a similar vein, CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer lent his voice to the column, "On Faith:"

If my life ended tomorrow, and I hope it won't, I wouldn't feel short changed. I wanted to be a reporter when I was a kid and I got to be one when I grew up. Not many people get to live out their dream. I did and wound up in a place far beyond my dream and I try to remember that a good part of the reason was sheer luck.

Bob's passion for journalism is an inspiration for the rest of us in the business. His modesty and humility aren't bad traits to emulate either.