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Keeping the Breastfeeding Conversation Going

NEW YORK (CBS) We got a lot of great response from our recent video segment "The Challenges of Breastfeeding."

We'd especially like to thank the folks at the Best for Babes blog not just for featuring the piece but for giving some insightful feedback and challenging readers to reach out directly and let us know what content they want to see. Here's a short excerpt from the post by Bettina Lauf Forbes:

Here's what I loved about the video right off the bat:

The breastfeeding depictions in the opening help normalize breastfeeding in our squeamish culture.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton is attractive, sympathetic and articulate. Her image can help give breastfeeding a makeover and make it mainstream. Move over, Dr. Nancy Snyderman! I love that Dr. Ashton shares that breastfeeding was challenging for her personally, and how she was much more successful with baby #2, just like most moms (but we hope that someday, baby #1 won't get the short end of the breastfeeding stick any more, once the barriers are gone.)

Ashton notes that breastfeeding is important for the baby AND the mother! Yes! Too often the focus is just on the baby, but moms get huge health and emotional benefits from breastfeeding too, and they are worth it. Personally I have no problem with any mom who breastfeeds because it's good for HER.

Again, we love the "100 letters" challenge. Please leave comments below on this blog post and let us know what you thought of the piece. And also share your ideas for future Health and Wellness segments.

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