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Keeping Tech Gadgets Safe At Beach

These days, you don't just take a towel and sunscreen to the beach — you also bring your iPod, cell phone and any other gadget you depend on.

But how do you protect your electronic gear from the sun, sand and salt water?

In The Early Show's Gadget Lab on Monday, CBS News Science and Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg shared some tips and word on products to help you enjoy sun and surf without worrying about your tech items.

The products included:

  • Ego Waterproof Sound Case $149.99
  • iHome Water-Resistant Boom Box $99
  • Freestyle Audio Sport MP3 Player $99.95
  • Otterbox for iPod Video $49.95
  • OtterBox BlackBerry Case $129.95
  • Canon Waterproof Case $240