Keeping Promises To The Troops

President Bush, Silhouette of two soldiers over capitol building and US flag, bumper sticker saying SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

Democrats in Congress are struggling to come up with a way to oppose the war — but not cut off funds for it. That act would create a feeding frenzy for Republicans.

In post-Vietnam America, everybody loves the troops. Everybody supports the troops. To not do so would be just flat out wrong. These people are making sacrifices the rest of choose not to.

So why is it then that we keep hearing up about equipment shortfalls, overdue armor and training facilities that lack even the basic stuff to prepare troops for the battlefield? Congress is in a position of oversight and quite frankly they're not bringing much heat.

The Washington Post reported last week on the abysmal conditions for outpatients at Walter Reed Army Hospital. This week's Newsweek reports on the back log of cases of veterans applying for disability.

Debate the war all you want. But shame on us for failing to live up to the promises we've made to the people who are doing the fighting.

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