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Keep Swimsuits Looking New

Swimsuit season is in and it took some time to find the perfect suit. Now that you have it, be sure you keep it in tip top shape. Jody Rohlena, Senior Editor for ShopSmart Magazine gives tips on how to keep your swimwear looking like new.

Be sure to rinse your salty suit as soon as possible. Salt and chlorine are enemies of suit fabrics. Soak the suit in cool tap water and rinse until the water is clear.

Do not machine wash your suit. Underwire bends, plastic fasteners chip and padding can get bunched and lumpy tumbling around in a washing machine. So, always hand wash suits in mild soap and water. Stronger detergents could cause fading.

Resist the urge to wring or twist your suit. It's bad for the elastic. After rinsing, as the suit drains in the sink, gently push down to squeeze out any water.

Dry your suit indoors. Never put a wet suit in the sun to dry. It has gotten enough sun, which accelerates fading and breaks down elastic. You can lay it flat on a mesh dryer rack or a clean towel.

Get rid of sunblock stains. For stubborn white streaks, try massaging liquid glycerin or glycerin soap into the stain from the reverse side.

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Jody Rohlena & Erika Wortham