Katie's Interview: John Edwards Responds

(Getty Images/Sara D. Davis)
Yesterday, John Edwards weighed in on some of the reaction to the interview with Katie on "60 Minutes".

The Edwards campaign released a statement:

The Edwardses appreciated the opportunity 60 Minutes afforded them to respond to tough questions which have been raised in response to last week's diagnosis that Mrs. Edwards' cancer had returned. Mrs. Edwards also called Ms. Couric today to thank her for the interview and to say that she and Senator Edwards thought the interview was both thorough and fair."

During a roundtable today in San Francisco to discuss his plan to halt global warming, Senator Edwards was asked about the matter and said: "My reaction was that Katie Couric asked questions that the American people are asking themselves, and I think they were completely legitimate questions. And I think the American people deserve answers from me and from Elizabeth to those questions. I mean, I'm asking America to support me and vote for me as their next president, and I think part of the evaluation of a candidate for president is a personal evaluation of the character and integrity and honesty of a candidate. So, no, I thought the questions were fair. Tough. I thought they were tough, but they were fair.

For more reaction -- and comment -- browse around the CBSNews.com website. Everybody, it seems, has an opinion, including the folks over at the Columbia Journalism Review.