@katiecouric: A Bloodbath For Dems in November?


With the Senate is back in session today, @katiecouric this week features a conversation with two Senators who are not seeking re-election - Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) and Senator Kit Bond (R-Mo.).

What do these two outgoing senators think of the job President Obama's doing? Bond said he's concerned that "he (Obama) got people energized with his promise. Now he's gotten a lot more people energized when they see his programs. And in Missouri - they are very much concerned that the tab is on our children and grandchildren's credit card."

Political Hotsheet: Bayh: Obama's Advisors are "Very Idealistic"

Bayh thinks Obama was "dealt a very tough hand." But he's concerned his advisors are "very idealistic people." He added, "rather than playing the hand of cards they were dealt, they wanted to play the hand of cards they wished they'd been dealt." Bayh said they "overreached their mandate a bit. And, part of that is going to be reflected in the polls this fall."

So why not run for another term? Bayh said Congress "tends to reward people who are more partisan, more ideological, and not quite as pragmatic." Twenty five years ago, Bond's mother suggested that he get "out of government, and got a real job."

Why are things so partisan in Congress? Bayh thinks there's "blame to go around on all sides."