Katie: Springboard Into Journalism

If you're a college student who feels like taking the plunge into journalism, have we got a "springboard" for you!

"Springboard" is an exciting new internship program for aspiring print and broadcast journalists. If you want to be the next Bob Woodward (or even, heaven help you, the next Katie Couric), this is a great place to start.

Here is how it works. First, create an original story based on one of three topics: climate change; the American Spirit; or Iraq war veterans. These are issues that have all received extensive coverage on the CBS Evening Newsand at CBSNews.com – but we want to hear YOUR take. (You can find out more by visiting this link.)

Send the stories to us as print or video between March 19th and April 6th. They'll be reviewed by journalists at CBS News and CBSNews.com. The best submissions will be posted online. And one lucky entrant will receive a summer internship here at the CBS Evening News in New York City. That's right: summer in the Big Apple! Think of the excitement! The glamour! The pastrami sandwiches and cheesecake! (Okay, it's lunch time and I'm hungry…)

If you're hungry for a great opportunity, and have an insatiable appetite for news, this could be your chance. We're looking for smart, motivated, and inspired young people. Sound like you? Great! Visit the link, then take out your #2 pencil and notepad, and start scribbling.