Katie Remembers Ann Richards

Like a lot of people, I was saddened to hear yesterday of the death of Ann Richards. She was an amazing woman – tough, funny, spirited, feisty, a real fighter, right to the end.

While she was undergoing cancer treatment, she sent me a couple of emails – and she turned out to be a great source of inspiration and support. Ann was excited about my decision to come to CBS, and she turned out to be one of my biggest cheerleaders.

I wanted to share with you part of an e-mail she sent me last spring. I think it says so much about the kind of friend she was, and the kind of woman we've lost.

Listen Katie. I do not need to give you advice but I will. You know that the knives will be out to get you and most of them will be in male hands although the women will do their own devilment. The most important thing for you is to have very good TRUSTWORTHY advisors and do not hesitate to use them. You need a good strong support system to help you hold the tiller in these turbulent seas. You are a wonderful talent and a strong woman and we know that you can succeed. Trust your gut, but check it out. Always choose substance over kitsch. Measure the feedback carefully. Look for advice that is positively stated.....forget the advice that starts "Don't" because things that start that way do not tell you what to do.

HAVE FUN! This is the time of your life. Look at it as the greatest of joys and adventures because you have achieved what girls dream of doing. We are there for you in any way that you need.

Fondly, A.

I'll always treasure her advice -- and always be inspired by her desire to make a difference.