Katie: I Was Bowled Over In Miami

(AP Photo)
There's been lots of analysis this week about the Super Bowl – everything from the Colts' championship defense to the rainy weather, to whether those much-hyped ads were effective.

But what really struck me was how rare the whole Super Bowl experience is. There are so few times when we all gather together at the same moment, on the same day, to do to the same thing.

I was lucky to be at the game in Miami -- rainy Miami, that is. Watching and imagining so many people glued to their TVs at home reminded me of what a wonderful communal experience this event provides. We have too few of these shared experiences these days, when you can now pick and choose exactly when and how you want to watch your favorite television program, or which songs you want to hear on your iPod, and in what order.

This was my first time seeing the game up close. So much is invested in this day for the athletes and their families, the sponsors, the fans, and the host city. It was such an exciting, spirited atmosphere from the moment of kickoff.

It was also fun seeing the game through my daughter's eyes, though her eyes were more focused on celebrities who were there -- like Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johanssan -- than on the actual game. But who can blame her? It was hard not to be star-struck in Miami. Jim Carrey, LL Cool J, and John Mellencamp were just some of the people I bumped into. I also was lucky to spend some time with Colts star Peyton Manning's proud brother and mother.

It's too bad there aren't more events that celebrate how much we all have in common, instead of what separates us.