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Katie Holmes Happy To Be Back At Work

In the last year Katie Holmes has kept busy with a huge celebrity wedding to Tom Cruise and staying home to care for her first child.

Now the actress is having a ball being back at work on a movie set for the comedy "Mad Money."

"I was ready to go back to work," Holmes tells Jann Carl of "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview scheduled to air Monday. "I really enjoyed the time that I had to be at home and just be a mom. Now I'm excited to be back to work. I always planned on it."

The film is shooting on location in Shreveport, La., where Holmes has turned her trailer into a nursery for her 13-month-old baby Suri. Cruise is a frequent visitor.

According to her mom, little Suri is an active happy baby who's walking, running and saying "dada" and "mama."

Holmes has a few love scenes in the movie, but she says it's not a problem for Cruise.

"I'm on the set when he's working, he's on the set when I'm working, and we're working," she says. "It's not a big deal — it's a part of the job."

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"Mad Money" also stars Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. It's expected to be released in 2008.

Ever since Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch in 2005 to proclaim his love for Holmes, the country has been mystified about the romance between the two. They married in Rome last November.

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