Katie Does Letterman, Part I

I'm getting ready to head over to Letterman, to do his show tonight, and I'm getting that queasy feeling in my stomach.

I have always thought David is hilarious, but I enjoy watching him more from the comfort of my bed (back in the days I could stay up late and watch) than on the chair next to his desk. Not surprisingly, like most people who make their living asking questions, I don't love having the tables turned. But tonight, I'm just going to try to go out there and have a good time.

The studio is freezing -- I've heard that's supposed to make people laugh more (not sure how) but that may be an urban legend. David doesn't really like to talk to you during the commercial break, so you sit there and pretty much feel like a moron. I mean talk about AWKWARD!!!!! I haven't done Letterman in about 10 years (Networks prefer as little cross-pollinizaation as possible) so it's been a while. We do have a few things to talk about and a few things in common: no, I haven't had bypass surgery…but we both can discuss our brilliant moves from another network to CBS!

Normally, I'd rather try to be the "hostess with the mostess" instead of the guest that bombed. I had so much fun a few years back when I "traded places" with Jay Leno. I love Jay and all the folks at The Tonight Show. Sometimes I can't believe I had the chutzpah (Yiddish for you non-New Yorkers) to even do that. My favorite joke: "Jay Leno this morning was filling in for me on The Today Show and interviewed General Powell. I couldn't believe it! I thought 'Probing Colin' was MY JOB! H AHA HA…I also said I hadn't been this nervous since Willard Scott tried to French kiss me at an NBC Christmas party! Those Tonight Show folks are FUNNY!

Anyway, back to tonight. Basically, they do a pre-interview with the you the day or morning of the appearance and ask you for funny stories (I had none, God help me) and what's been going on in your life (nothing new here...) So we'll see how it goes. I wish I could have a glass of wine, but since I'm coming back to do the Evening News, that probably wouldn't be "prudent," as the former President Bush would say. ("Marge! That explains it! She's sauced! No wonder she wore white after Labor Day!")

Anyway, thanks for letting me blow off some steam and a little anxiety. I'll keep you posted (literally!) and blog you (is that illegal in some states?) when I come back!!!

UPDATE: Don't miss Part II. The saga continues right here...