Katie Couric's Notebook: Voting

It's Election Day, do you know where your polling station is?

If you have already voted today, congratulations! It is your right and your responsibility as a citizen of this democracy. If you haven't voted, there is still time.

Judging by the long lines in Ohio, Virginia, and even here in New York City, this will be a record-breaking year. Experts say 130 million people could cast their votes before the polls close, possibly the highest number of votes in history.

This long and dramatic race has come to its final act. By the night's end, we will have a President-elect, and the face of our democracy will be changed. Alongside those paintings of the white male Presidents and Vice Presidents who've led this country since 1776...we will add either a black man or a white woman.

When the contest is behind us, a new challenge begins for the victor. But tonight, we celebrate democracy together as Americans.