Katie Couric's Notebook: Twitter & Iran

Hi everyone. Katie's off. I'm Seth Doane.

You've seen the video: tens of thousands of protesters packing the streets and squares of Tehran One crowd claiming election fraud and demanding a new vote. Another insisting that last week's results were fair and accurate.

This battle is being waged, not just in Iran's capital, but in cyber space. Activists on both sides are getting out their messages by using Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

Those who dissent risk prison. Iran's government has ordered bloggers to remove anything that would quote, "create tension." But with some Iranian reporters under arrest and foreign correspondents now banned from covering demonstrations in person, these citizen journalists are there to tell the world what they see.

They are passionate and often manage to get around government restrictions on cell phones and the internet by using the technological revolution to fight a political one.

I'm Seth Doane. CBS News.