Katie Couric's Notebook: Trailers

They're cramped and some badly need repairs, but for at least 4,000 people who lost everything to Hurricanes Katrina or Rita, FEMA trailers are still home almost four years later. Just not for much longer.

The temporary housing program was supposed to end two years ago. But now the government says there will be no more deadline extensions. Anyone in these trailers must be out by the end of the month. Many are elderly or disabled and say they have nowhere else to go. Most of them were homeowners who have started to rebuild, but delays in aid money and a sour economy have stalled progress.

FEMA promises to help those being kicked out find someplace else. The agency is under pressure from local communities that want to move on, and worry trailers will keep property values from rising.

Now as for the trailers, they'll just be scrapped, or sold at a loss, and thousands of residents may once again be looking for a place to call home.

That's a page from my notebook.

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