Katie Couric's Notebook: The Perfect Gift

Hi, everyone.

Still looking for that perfect gift?

Consumer Reports says that one of the most popular gifts being bought is gift cards. They're easy to wrap, and one size fits all. But it turns out a lot of them never get used. It's estimated that there are nearly a BILLION DOLLARS in unredeemed cards sitting in wallets or in bureau drawers, expiring. About 20% of the people who get them never use them. I think I still have a few from 1998.

So what SHOULD you get that special someone? Consumer Reports says people they surveyed were disappointed in something they DIDN'T get, but could really use: TIME. A lot of people wish they had MORE of it, to spend with family and loved ones.

Think about that when you're doing your holiday shopping -- and consider giving the people you care about something that they really CAN use, and that they'll cherish. Time. It's easy to wrap, and one size fits all -- and it won't sit in a wallet unused.

That's a page from my notebook.