Katie Couric's Notebook: The Military Vote

One of the highlights tonight at the Democratic Convention will be a salute to the military. In recent campaigns, we've come to think of military families as more closely identified with the Republican candidate than the Democrat.

Four years ago, exit polls showed those who had served in the military voted overwhelmingly for President Bush over John Kerry. But Kerry actually edged out Mr. Bush among those with no military experience.

This year it might seem a no-brainer that John McCain, a war hero, and former POW, would get the military vote. But it's Barack Obama who's being promoted. The non partisan Center for Responsive Politics says campaign donations from troops overseas are going to Obama six to one.

It's not clear why. Perhaps because Obama promises to end an unpopular war that McCain is supporting. But whatever the reason, those who have served our nation are sure to be a key, and perhaps surprising, voting block come Election Day.