Katie Couric's Notebook: Text 911

It's not exactly Silicon Valley, but Waterloo, Iowa, is a technology trailblazer - 911 operators there are the first in the nation able to receive and respond to emergency text messages.

Now, those of us less proficient might cringe at having to text quickly during an emergency.

It may seem as strange as some of those abbreviations our teenagers use but it is the preferred means of communication for anyone born after 1980 and could be a life saver for someone who is deaf or unable to talk following an accident.

There have already been cases of kidnap victims across the country who quietly texted friends for help, having them call the police.

Texting 911 could save time and maybe lives.

Cities nationwide are watching Waterloo closely.

Eventually, 911 systems might be able to receive photos and videos from cell phones, so first responders are better prepared to answer that SOS ASAP.

That's a page from my notebook.