Katie Couric's Notebook: Teen "Sexting"

They call it "sexting:" teenagers using cell phones to send nude or semi-nude pictures to a girlfriend or boyfriend. It's not only disturbing, it could be illegal.

A new study says one out of five teens has sent them, and almost a third have received these inappropriate images. In some states, it's considered child pornography, and it even sparked court cases in Wisconsin and Ohio.

As if that isn't bad enough, these photos are often forwarded from friend to friend, and in some situations, the entire class.

Parents may feel torn about checking out their teen's cell phone. There is certainly a debate to be had about privacy and trust. But the stakes are high when kids start cyber-swapping photos. When they hit the Internet, they are there to stay. In the hands of a college admissions officer or future employer, they could even destroy a chance to fulfill a dream.

There's nothing sexy about that.