Katie Couric's Notebook: Staying Healthy

What did you have for lunch today? The skinless chicken and veggies or the burger and fries? Did you hit the gym or decide the workout could wait until tomorrow?

We all know what we should be doing to stay healthy, but we don't always follow through. Well, some members of Congress want to give us a little extra nudge, right in the wallet.

One idea is a new tax on soda. Supporters figure if all that high fructose corn syrup costs more, maybe we'll cut down.

Another is to give your boss more control of your health. This plan would make it easier for employers to reward workers who stay fit or lower their blood pressure. They might even be able to penalize those who smoke or gain too much weight.

Some people say companies have no business telling workers what to do out of the office, but others insist it's worth the intrusion of privacy, if it makes us think twice about that pepperoni-sausage pizza with extra cheese.

That's a page from my notebook.

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