Katie Couric's Notebook: Same-Sex Marriage

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency is a triumph for civil rights in America. Forty years after the race riots that ripped Chicago apart, men and women took to the streets again – this time, to applaud the victory of a black man.

At the same time, election night brought a setback for another minority in America.
Three states – Arizona, Florida and California – passed bans on same-sex marriage, saying legal union is only for heterosexual couples.

There are sincere arguments to be found on each side of the same-sex marriage debate.
Some say it's just the "M"-word that scares people, and that domestic partnership rights are close enough to the real deal.

But the bans are a sign Americans are still deeply divided on gay rights, even in states as blue as California.

In 1969, there was another riot called Stonewall. Thirty years later, gays and lesbians hope for their moment to return to the streets and cheer.