Katie Couric's Notebook: Republican Party

Since 2006, Republicans have lost at least a dozen Senate seats, and more than 50 House seats. They've watched as Barack Obama won the presidency with a popular mandate that no Democrat has seen since Lyndon Johnson.

Amazing, there is now not a single Republican senator on the West Coast, not one Republican congressman from New England. The nation's fastest growing minority group - Latinos - is now the Democrats' fastest growing constituency.

Some strategists are predicting a civil war inside the party of Lincoln, but the real question isn't whether to move left or right but how to move forward, and how to win again on the dominant issue of this election: fixing the economic mess.

A great suggestion came from Gov. Bobby Jindal, a rising Republican star in Louisiana: the party should spend more time thinking about "new ideas and solutions" and less time on political tactics.

Maybe that's one thing all Republicans can agree on.