Katie Couric's Notebook: PB & Bailout?

Spread the word: peanut butter factories may be the next industry in need of a bailout. One of the largest food recalls in U.S. history has crushed the lunchtime staple.

Sales are down 20 percent overall as an investigation continues into a salmonella outbreak that has killed eight people and made 600 others sick.

There's one company at the center of all this: Peanut Corporation of America. It is products may have been sent to nursing homes, school lunch programs, and even into FEMA food kits for disaster victims.

The FDA says they did not, however, make it to your grocery store shelf. The big labels are spending big bucks on advertising to assure you that name-brand jars of Peter Pan and Skippy are safe.

As a parent, though, I certainly understand the moms and dads who are packing bologna and cheese instead of PB&J. They need to keep a close eye on what we're eating, until the folks in charge do a better job.