Katie Couric's Notebook: Pakistan


On a recent trip to Pakistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged more than $7 billion in aid to help that nation build hospitals and dams. But some members of Pakistan's spy agency seem more interested in burning a bridge.

The Afghanistan war documents released by Wikileaks reportedly contain no major revelations. But, they do confirm some old suspicions...that double agents in Pakistan are supporting the Taliban.

In our 2009 interview, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said there's a large degree of U.S. mistrust in Pakistan. He described a need to strengthen ties and support the vulnerable Pakistani government, but warned that if another attack on America comes from that region "all bets are off."

One Pakistani official said there's no smoking gun in the leaked reports. But there is smoke.

The U.S. has extended a hand and pledged to help. Now Pakistan needs to shake its fist...to snuff out incendiary elements at home.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.