Katie Couric's Notebook: OMG OED

Katie Couric, Anchor, Managing Editor, CBS Evening News; Correspondent, 60 Minutes, 2010 photo
An initialism is an abbreviation made from the first letters of words in a phrase. For, example, M-I-T is an initialism for Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It stands for a series of words, but it's never been a word in and of itself.

Until now - FYI.

You see, my BFFs, the Oxford English Dictionary, oh, let's just call it the OED, added those initialisms to its online edition.

That might make some grammar purists LOL, but WTH...just keeping this safe for work..it IS the way people speak nowadays.

The theory is that those abbreviations aren't just a short hand for text messaging anymore. They actually have a meaning that can only be conveyed by saying the initialism.

OMG, I think they might be right.

But I-M-H-O, not all change is for the better. I would share with you MY take on proper English, but that might be just a little TMI.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.