Katie Couric's Notebook: Obama's Team

Today President-elect Obama announced his all-star national security team, a diverse lineup of men and women.

They share incredibly impressive backgrounds and resumes, but they do not necessarily share all of Mr. Obama's foreign-policy views.

The newly named national security advisor, General James Jones, has said that a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in 16 months is not in America's best interest. Senator Clinton voted to authorize the Iraq war, and is more hawkish than Mr. Obama on Iran. Secretary Gates presided over the troop surge – a strategy the president-elect opposed.

Critics are calling the appointments politics as usual from the man who promised change. But others see a sign that Mr. Obama is pragmatic.

The United States is fighting two wars and faces a continuing threat from Islamic extremists. With no time for a learning curve, the new president will need all the all-stars he can get on his team – from day one.