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Katie Couric's Notebook: Mexican Drug War

(AP Photo)
If 6,300 Americans were dead in the streets -- victims of violent murders in a drug war -- the outrage would fill the front pages of every newspaper, and dominate every cable news program.

We would declare war on the drug lords.

The Mexican government says that's the number of people killed last year -- more than all the coalition deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Mexico's President, Felipe Calderon, has taken action.

His government reversed previous policies and cracked down on drugs -- and the people who sell them. But his nation is losing ground and needs help.

Visiting Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "It is America's insatiable appetite for illegal drugs that fuels the drug trade."

Ninety percent of the guns used in that brutal battle come from the United States.

It's as much our war as theirs. We share the blame. It's time to share the outrage.

That's a page from my notebook.

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