Katie Couric's Notebook: Iran Missiles

Hi, everyone. Katie's on assignment. I'm Kelly Wallace.

The short and medium-range Iranian missiles soared into the air with an ear-splitting roar, but the message was even louder: Iran is ready for a military threat.

Two of the rockets fired today can carry warheads 12-hundred miles. That's far enough to reach several American military bases, Israel and parts of Europe.

The tests come just days before Iran sits down in Geneva with the U.S. and five other nations to talk about its nuclear ambitions.

The White House is threatening tough sanctions if Iran doesn't halt uranium enrichment.

Iran's leaders insist there's no reason to stop because their nuclear program is only for energy production - and has nothing to do with these missile tests.

Most Western observers don't buy that and many now believe if there had been any hopes of a quick deal with Iran - these missiles found their targets - and took them out.

I'm Kelly Wallace, CBS News.