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Katie Couric's Notebook: Iran

(AP Photo/NPPA)
At a time when diplomatic relations with Iran stand at a crossroads, one young woman's fate could be a sign post.

Her name is Roxana Saberi. She's a freelance journalist from North Dakota, her father is originally from Iran and for six years she's been filing reports from that country.

In January, she was arrested there and accused of espionage. The details of the charges haven't been made public, and her one-day trial was held behind closed doors. She awaits the verdict now in a prison where a Canadian journalist and an Iranian blogger both met their deaths.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and several human rights groups have called for Saberi's release, saying the charges against her are baseless.

Iran is not a monolith and not all Iranians share their government's views.

But at this moment the world is watching Tehran, waiting for a verdict that could help open the road to diplomacy or put up a massive and chilling stop sign.

That's a page from my notebook.

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