Katie Couric's Notebook: Intelligence

If 850,000 people have access to top secret files - are they still top secret?

Today,  the Washington Post published a report two years in the making - examining how U.S. intelligence programs have expanded since 9/11. More than 1,200 government offices and 1,900 private companies work on counterintelligence and security with a budget estimated at $75 billion last year.

The study raises concerns about redundancy and inefficiency. For example, 51 different offices track the cash flow of terrorist organizations. It's probably just as tough to track those 51 offices.

The acting intelligence director fired back today, saying U.S. agencies have thwarted attacks and achieved untold successes.

But Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted...it's time to take another look at the system.

It's not about putting a price on our safety, it's about making U.S. intelligence...even more intelligent.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.