Katie Couric's Notebook: Hooking Up

Hi, everyone.

Whatever happened to Gidget and Moondoggie? Today many girls are discarding dating for "hooking up" -- casual sexual encounters with no strings attached. It's also called friends with benefits.

But a controversial book, "Unhooked" by Laura Sessions Stepp, concludes that hookups can lead to depression, sexually transmitted diseases, and inability to have healthy relationships.

Critics say it's better girls are focusing on school and friends instead of searching for the perfect boyfriend. And they blast her idea that baking is the way to a man's heart. I agree you shouldn't have to search for your inner Betty Crocker to find a boyfriend. But, I'm with Stepp that hooking up is NOT empowering girls. It shouldn't make boys feel powerful either.

Sometimes being retro isn't so bad. I want my daughters to find real love when they're ready, and respect their bodies. My girls and I are going to have a little chat tonight...again.

That's a page from my Notebook.