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Katie Couric's Notebook: Home Gardening

4932680 In 1943, 20 million Americans followed Eleanor Roosevelt's lead and planted a Victory Garden.

The act of tending to your own land, growing your own food, was a symbol of the sacrifice all Americans were expected to make as the nation endured the two world wars.

And now, the White House has a garden again.

This week, with the help of some fifth-graders, First Lady Michelle Obama planted seeds in a new vegetable garden. It's now called "The Kitchen Garden."

She hopes it will teach kids about healthy eating, but it can mean even more than that.

In the 1940's, the Roosevelt Victory Garden was an inspiration, a call to community in war-time.

We are waging a war today, literally and figuratively.

From Iraq to the economy to global warming, there's never been a better time for sacrifice OR inspiration, Eleanor Roosevelt style.

Who knows? In your Kitchen Garden, you just might be planting the seeds of change.

That's a page from my notebook.

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