Katie Couric's Notebook: Haiti

Hi everyone. Katie is on assignment covering the earthquake.

It is impossible to watch the video coming in today from Haiti or hear the chilling cries of the victims without feeling the immense emotion of this tragedy.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere a world apart from ours. Yet, it's only 600 miles from Miami.

We don't know how many people were killed yesterday as buildings crumbled around them ... and we may not know for weeks ... but it is likely well into the thousands. The number of those who will need emergency aid could be in the millions.

It is gratifying to see so many Americans furiously trying to help those who so desperately need food, clean water, and a place to sleep. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is on its way to Haiti. While charities are rushing to get aid in as fast as possible to provide a helping hand to those who have lost ... what little they had.

I'm Kelly Wallace, CBS News.