Katie Couric's Notebook: Goodbye, Landlines

We all know everyone has a cell phone these days, but you may be surprised just how fast the kitchen landline is going the way of the rotary dial.

New statistics show 18 percent of Americans use only cell phones. That's almost triple the number just three years ago.

Another 13 percent still have a landline, but rarely use it, meaning about a third of us get nearly all our calls on cell. Most cell phones aren't listed. That's making it tougher to call someone if you don't know the number. Since cell phone-only users tend to be younger, it presents challenges for pollsters who need to reach a broad range of people when conducting surveys.

Experts think the trend could grow even faster during the next few years. With the economy so tight, we're all looking to cut expenses, and if cutting the cord means more money for food and clothes, more of us will be hanging up landlines for good.