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Katie Couric's Notebook: G20

(AP Photo/John Stillwell)
Air Force One arrived in London today, and President Obama brought plenty of baggage.

First, there's his stimulus package. He's hoping he can sell it to leaders gathered at the G20 --and encourage them to make similar investments in their own economies.

Despite the President's appeal on the European Main Street, it'll be a tough sell -- especially to France and Germany.

Next, he's carrying the burden of some leftover animosity. Europeans rejected many of President's Bush's foreign policies -- and the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. They want to hear that the new President brought them a new start.

Finally, he's packing a hefty plan for Afghanistan and hoping he can convince allies to commit more resources to that war despite a teetering global economy.

This week will be a test for President Obama. But it's also an opportunity to repair strained relations and encourage allies to help lighten his load.

That's a page from my notebook.

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