Katie Couric's Notebook: Food Stamps

It's a number so high it's almost hard to believe. There are now 36,000,000 Americans on food stamps. That's one in every eight people .. one in every four children.

Among some groups, it's even worse. Researchers at Cornell and at Washington University found that at some point before they turn 21, 90 percent of kids with single parents - and 90 percent of African-American children - will be on food stamps.

Applications have been soaring in areas hard hit by the housing crisis -- Las Vegas, Phoenix and parts of Florida.

But the high unemployment rate means hunger is a problem all across the nation. Millions of us will head to the malls today for all that last minute stuff we really don't need.

Meanwhile, one in four children is in need of something much more important than a Nintendo Wii or a Zhu Zhu Pet -- enough food to eat every day of the year.

Keep them in mind this holiday season.
That's a page from my notebook.
I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.