Katie Couric's Notebook: Do It Later

Hi, everyone.

If you're a champion procrastinator like I am, we have a lot of company.

A Canadian psychologist reports procrastination is on the rise. At least twenty five percent of the American public now consider themselves chronic procrastinators...a five hundred percent jump from thirty years ago. Men do it more than women; the young more than the old.

According to this new study, email, the Internet, and video games are distractions that add up to first class time wasters. And procrastination not only makes us less productive. The added stress can actually make us unhealthy, and unhappy.

Procrastination can also cost you -- literally. Doing your shopping--or your taxes--at the last minute often means paying more.

And while some people--journalists, for example--thrive under pressure, all of us could probably do more, and feel better, if we didn't wait until the last minute.

Advice I plan to take. But not until I absolutely have to.

That's a page from my notebook.