Katie Couric's Notebook: Credit Cards

Just as we struggle to emerge from the sub-prime housing mess, there may be another crisis lurking – in your wallet.

The research firm Moody's says the number of Americans unable to pay their credit card bill is rising faster than ever, and could hit a record 8 percent by next year, forcing banks to write off $100 billion.

This has card issuers fighting back. And while it means fewer credit card offers clogging your mailbox, it could also cost you.

Banks are hiking fees and interest rates and lowering credit lines – even for some customers with good credit. So you may not be able to charge as much, and anything you do charge will cost more if you carry a balance.

It's another reminder that what began as a housing crisis now affects us in many ways. And it couldn't come at a worse time – just before the holiday shopping season.