Katie Couric's Notebook: Cold Snap

This week's cold snap brought record low temperatures and threatened citrus crops, but that's nothing compared to its impact on the roughly 300,000 homeless people who sleep outside each night.

While most of us broke out extra blankets or cuddled by a fire, they shivered on the nation's sidewalks. Or worse: each year, 700 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness are killed by hypothermia, according to a new report by the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Many shelters are already stretched thin by the recession. And nearly a third of those polled in the report are only open when the weather dips below thirty-two degrees.

There ARE ways to help. The Coalition recommends calling 911 if you see someone in danger of freezing. Used coats, hats and gloves can be donated to the Salvation Army.

It's easy to bundle up in the winter and lose sight of those who can't. But let's pull the wool from our eyes…before it's too late.

That's a page from my notebook.